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Hooligan Stout

A creamy, dark, full-bodied American Style Stout with a robust roasted malt flavor and a smooth, oaty finish. This beer was named after our friend Jay’s Great Horned Owl, Hooligan.


“After the cascading head subsides, the curtain of lacing becomes a show of its own; Stout-black color for this brew. Hints of coffee, charred wood, molasses, yeast, currants and carob fill the nostrils. So silky smooth and full bodied. Starts off a little burnt but never acrid–charcoal with iced espresso and baker’s chocolate come to mind. Small dollop of sweetness from the malt and oats. Leafy hop bitterness struggles to even chip the maltiness, yet the flavor does compliment; the roasted flavors do most of the balancing here, and a lovely job at that. Old school is right, a flashback to what “microbrews” were and can still be. A big beer to wield but our trained palates embraced it to the last sip. (Beer Advocate Magazine, issue #46, 2010)”

“I’ve been able to try some more brews from your line-up, and I just wanted to say that the Hooligan Stout is FANTASTIC! It is one of my absolute favorite stouts right now, and I thank you for making it available to me over here in the far west. (Beer lover from Port Angeles, 2010)”






2 Row Pale, English Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats


Columbus, Crystal


All Year!


Bronze Medal, Best of Craft Beer Awards, 2018
Bronze Medal, Washington Beer Awards, 2015
Gold Medal, North American Beer Awards Competition, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2015
Best of the Northwest/Pacific Region, US Beer Tasting Champion, 2013/2014
Silver Medal, Washington Beer Awards, 2013
Best of the Northwest/Pacific Region, US Beer Tasting Champion, 2012/2013

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